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Inshore Fishing Trips

Crystal River, located at the heart of the Nature Coast, offers unparalleled inshore and offshore sport fishing experiences. Captain Clay Shidler specializes in targeting shallow water species in the region's famous grass flats and back country creeks. He ensures a memorable and safe fishing adventure for families.
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Offshore Fishing

Trips start at 7am on the 42 Freeman boat, which heads to the Gulf of Mexico, leveraging Simrad Electronics to locate fish in offshore hot spots that are rarely frequented. The boat, optimized for red snapper and gag grouper trips, can hold about 500lbs of fish.
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Scalloping Tours

Crystal River, with its pristine waters and rich marine ecosystem, offers an abundant scallop population, making it a prime destination for scalloping enthusiasts. The clear, shallow waters of the region provide an ideal environment for scallops to thrive, allowing both beginners and experienced scallopers to enjoy the activity.
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