Capt. Jacob Brown

About Captain Jacob

Jacob M. Brown has been fishing offshore since he could hold a fishing pole in his hands. His father, Joe, took him offshore on weekends to catch grouper and snapper. He spent most weekdays inshore fishing with his grandfather. By the time he was six, his father was teaching him how to spearfish in the shallow waters off of Bayport and Homosassa. This hobby continued throughout his childhood and grew into his present passion.

In his early 20’s he purchased his first offshore boat, a 22’ Aquasport. This allowed him to spend his spare time testing new fishing techniques and pushing the limits of his boat. In his late 20’s, he met the love of his life, Tia. They were married in April 2011 and she continued to encourage his enthusiasm for fishing. As their relationship grew, so did the size of their boat. This continuum provoked the limits that Jacob pushed himself and his boats too in pursuit of becoming a better fisherman. He has learned to appreciate the five-hour boat ride out to 1000’ to catch the deep-water monsters such as snowy grouper, golden tilefish, yellow edge grouper, and swordfish. Enormous gag grouper that live in the 200’-500’ depth range are another favorite adventure. On days off, he might be scuba diving to spear fish in the middle grounds or deep dropping in unfamiliar areas.     

Most days you will find him happily working his dream job with Hang ‘Em High Sportfishing Charters. Jacob specializes in offshore fishing and runs the Freeman that complements that day’s charter. He spends summers working a variety of charters from 60’-1000’. His experience includes standard trips, middle grounds adventures, and 40 break excursions that may include deep dropping, staying overnight, or both. In the fall, he runs offshore grouper and hogfish voyages out to 60’ in the 34’ Freeman. Once grouper season has closed, he continues operating the 34’ Freeman in quest for hogfish, mangrove snapper, and sheepshead.     

Jacob has always lived by pushing himself to the maximum and constantly challenging himself to be better at everything he pursues. He recommends fishing harder and longer and always trying to beat your last catch!